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A Case for Corporate Kindness

The workplace has long been regarded as a competitive and tough space, where corporate profits and the bottom line are top considerations, with all other considerations further down the list of priorities. But these days, attracting, retaining, and creating a workplace that engages and supports employees is critical to the success of an organization.


Increasingly, leading businesses are working to create kinder, more compassionate corporate cultures and working environments, workplaces that foster team cohesion over competitiveness, support employee engagement, and strive to keep employees in all areas and levels of employment healthy and happy while also meeting corporate goals and targets.


The case for creating a corporate culture that includes kindness has never been stronger. 

Attracting, retaining, and creating a workplace that engages and supports employees is critical to the success of an organization, perhaps now more than ever before. As the end of a very challenging year approaches and we look toward a future in a world that is beginning to cautiously reopen, let us remember that there is always more room in the world for kindness, including in the workplace. 


Especially in face of today’s challenging workplace environments, investing in enhanced employee wellness is a great way to begin building a kinder, more supportive work environment and culture. Understanding the value of committing to and investing in a tailor-made wellness program that leverages strengths and enhances kindness in the workplace can greatly assist in attracting, engaging, and supporting their employees, while positively impacting the bottom line. 


The question today is not whether to create a culture of kindness in the workplace, but how and where to begin. 


Your corporate wellness solution starts here!

We offer unique corporate wellness programs created by Dr. Monica Vermani, one of Canada’s leading psychologists.


Our game-changing programs go deeper to address the underlying mental health issues that impact individuals and groups, through a dynamic suite of psycho-education, training and support that keep employees engaged, supported, productive and whole,  as team members and individuals.


StartLiving Wellness Programs are developed by author, speaker and clinical psychologists, Dr. Monica Vermani, who brings 25 years of in-depth clinical knowledge, experience and expertise to creating uniquely powerful custom wellness solutions for organizations of all sizes.

“Dr. Vermani possesses a unique talent for connecting with people from all walks of life, inclusive of
backgrounds, education, and professional levels. It is truly remarkable how she effortlessly establishes
meaningful connections with her audience.” 

S. Manic
Occupational Health and Safety Lead, Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness (SS&E), 
Historic Waste Program Management Office
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories


By: Dr. Monica Vermani

Clinical Psychologist

& Founder, Start Living Corporate Wellness

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The meteoric rise of mental health issues congruent with the pandemic demands a healing approach that goes deeper than the traditional therapeutic modals. A Deeper Wellness provides an essential healing tool for our times.
– Cassandra Joan Butler BSW, MS, LMT 



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