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Canadian businesses lose a staggering $50 billion a year to short- and long-term leaves, employee absenteeism and presenteeism (where an employee is present while struggling with undermining physical, emotional or mental health-related issue that negatively impacts productivity).

On average, 16 days of productivity per year per employee are lost due to mental-health issues, including stress, burn-out, anxiety and depression… amounting to a whopping $6 billion annually.

Business leaders are recognizing that prioritizing employee wellbeing is critical to their success. And they’re taking action.

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Leading organizations are taking action

There’s a shift underway. For leading organizations, investing in enhanced employee wellness has become a top priority. They recognize that their talent is their greatest asset and understand the value of committing to and investing in a tailor-made wellness program that attracts, retains and supports their employees, and positively impacts their bottom line. Organizations invested in employee wellness are seeing the results, with greater employee engagement and job satisfaction, and team cohesion, and increased success in attracting top talent, who increasingly factor in work/life balance and the quality of prospective employers’ enhanced wellness programs when choosing their career options.

The question today is not whether to initiate a wellness program, but how and where to begin…

Your wellness solution starts here

We offer unique corporate wellness programs created by Dr. Monica Vermani, one of Canada’s leading psychologists.


Our game-changing programs go deeper to address the underlying mental health issues that impact individuals and groups, through a dynamic suite of psycho-education, training and support that keep employees engaged, supported, productive and whole,  as team members and individuals.


StartLiving Wellness Programs are developed by author, speaker and clinical psychologists, Dr. Monica Vermani, who brings 25 years of in-depth clinical knowledge, experience and expertise to creating uniquely powerful custom wellness solutions for organizations of all sizes.

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In The Phantom in the Room Dr. Vermani explores the causes and solutions to workplace  absenteeism

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You need your team working at peak performance

Positive change begins

with people

And we focus on people. We help people bring their authentic self to work. To be true to who they are. To give honest feedback. To create real conversations about what really matters. We help people become motivated to take ­action and really engage in their job.


A Safe, Positive
Environment to Grow

Change is personal. So is living.

We can help people find balance between work and leisure so they truly start living.

The Confluence of Science
and Compassion

We go beyond popular self-help approaches and use only scientifically sound psychological therapies to support your people through change.