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A game-changing corporate wellness initiative enables your employees to consult with a mental health professional 

Office Hours

Office Hours is a unique and new corporate wellness offering from Start Living Corporate Wellness.  Office Hours allows your organization to offer private, confidential one-on-one hour- or half-hour consultations with a clinical psychologist. With Start Living Corporate Wellness Office Hours, your employees can book a 100% private session with a clinical psychologist. In a private consultation, they’ll gain insights into their symptoms, and receive support, strategies, and guidance to help them deal with the problems they are facing in their lives today. They will learn how to leverage their employee benefits to connect with healthcare professionals who can facilitate their healing and growth. 

​Integrating Start Living Office Hours into your organization is as simple as 1 2 3


Start Living Office Hours begins with a complimentary introductory presentation with Start Living founder, clinical psychologist, and author Dr. Monica Vermani.


Employees receive advance notice of upcoming Office Hours dates, and can confidentially schedule an in-person or online session with a member of our team of clinical psychologists.


Employees receive confidential personalized follow-up resources. ​

Office Hours allowes organizations of all shapes and sizes to provide one-on-one access to mental health professionals for employes.

Let’s talk about a Start Living Office Hours program

for your organization TODAY!


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