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Dr. Monica Vermani

Clinical Psychologist, C. Psych.

Expert with 20+ Years of 

Professional Experience.

Dr. Monica Vermani is a clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to adolescents and adults suffering from trauma/abuse, mood, anxiety, substance addictions and other related conditions/disorders. Dr. Vermani often works with clients who require multifaceted treatment approaches that range from marriage/family counseling, chronic pain management, self-esteem/assertiveness enhancement, to vocational counseling, skill development and professional coaching. She also conducts outpatient/inpatient psychological, vocational and forensic assessments.

“True wellness is not a quick fix,

a placebo or a passing fad.

It’s the serious business.

It’s about creating meaningful change.

It’s the very making of your life.” 

Dr. Monica Vermani

501-36 Lombard Street, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2X3

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